Envirofacts – Sources of Pollution by Zip Code

Before you begin to use this or any of the other tools we are introducing you to, be aware that most chemicals in our environment are not monitored by any government agencies.   What you will find is a list of only those pollutants that are required to be tracked by law.

That said, using zip code based search tools, you can look up a wide range of information about known and regulated pollution.

A good place to start is  Envirofacts , a website publication of the EPA.

Once on the website, you simply enter your location.


Once the map displays your location of interest, you can pull up the facility information for your defined area by clicking the button called “List and Map Facilities Reporting in this Map View.”


You can use this tool in conjunction with many others on our list.

If you are ready to dive in, click here:  Envirofacts