Gasland (2010)

A rural resident  of Pennsylvania named Josh Fox, who happened to be a filmmaker, received an offer from a natural gas company – if he would allow the company to explore his land in the Pennsylvania Delaware River Basin for possible natural gas deposits, he would receive $100,000. If the company discovered natural gas they would have the right to drill for it using a new drilling technique called Fracking.

Mr. Fox  set out to do his own research on the ramifications of the fracking process. He interviewed many families that live in other drilling sites, and was astounded by what he found.  In a surprising number of  cases their  well water had been contaminated – some could light their well water on fire with a match! The gas companies  ignored the claims of the residents that their drinking water had been contaminated, arguing that since no “before drilling” tests had been run on well water quality, damage due to drilling could not be proven, thus avoiding paying damages.
The film Mr. Fox created provides a voice for the citizens that were living in these areas, as well as information on the downsides of fracking.

The tools to detect pollution in your neighborhood that may come from the natural gas industry (including leaking pipes in your own city) can be found by going to the “Borrow Tools” tab elsewhere on this website.  The image to the right was created by students in Boston who drove a specially equipped car through the city.

The movie Gasland is available both for purchase and for free viewing – just “Google” the title and you will discover many ways to view it.

You can see a preview of this movie by clicking on the link below:

The natural gas industry has issued a number of rebuttals to points made in Gasland, and issued its own film, called Truthland .  You can see this information here:

A second rebuttal is called Fracknation.  You can see more information about it here:

Mr. Fox has responded to those critiques, and you can see his response here:

A sequel to the original Gasland film was released in 2013.

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