Dr. Koster spoke at the Rotary Club of Davidson's meeting June 11, 2018. We all learned a lot about the importance of the indoor air environment in schools, and how lack of fresh air can lower student learning significantly. Thank you so much for your presentation. It was detailed and eye opening.

Ms. Kim Hankins

Dear Dr. Koster,

Thank you very much for your informative presentation to Charlotte International Rotary Club July 9, 2018.  I'm not sure any of us were aware of the significant effects that can be gained in student performance by improving the indoor air quality in our schools.  Evidently, it isn't only the early starting times in schools that cause students to want to nod off.

It certainly makes sense that higher levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants could be an issue, but I don't think we imagined that our children might be in classrooms with CO2 levels as high as they were in the studies you described.  It seems that a sampling of indoor air quality would be a wise decision for our schools, and action taken if the results warranted it.

Thank you very much for sending your slide deck, so I can include your attachment when I send the meeting minutes.  Again, we appreciated your well-organized presentation on this important topic.

Dr. Koster visited the Charlotte Top-of-the- Week Rotary Club on Monday, April 30 at UNC Center City and delivered a fascinating presentation on an issue most of us in attendance knew nothing about and were shocked to learn. As a founder of “The Pollution Detectives” Dr. Koster introduced us to the problem of increased CO2 levels in classrooms that reduce learning capabilities among children from Kindergarten through 12th grade-whatever socio-economic background they come from. The focus of his program and efforts is to raise awareness of a serious issue that can be easily corrected and by doing so can significantly increase the educational performance of our children. Club members were fascinated to learn how increased levels of CO2 can affect our learning and that there are currently no governmental efforts in NC focused on an issue that seemingly can improve educational performance for little expenditure of time, effort or money.

We were both educated and amazed at Dr. Koster’s learned presentation on an issue not currently being addressed on any broad scale.

David Hare and Dave Cathcart

Dr Koster also spoke at Top-of-The-Week rotary and it was truly eye-opening. He is great at presenting his data and conclusions in a way that is clear and easily digested. This cause is something we all need to be familiarizing ourselves with – and sooner rather than later.

Jan Donaldson

Dr. Koster spoke at our Charlotte Dilworth South End Rotary Club on Friday, February 9, 2018. His presentation was eye-opening and very thorough. The things we don’t know about air pollution (specifically lead, carbon dioxide, and radon) in our children’s schools, and the effect it has on their ability to learn (including long-term consequences), is disturbing. He is one of the best speakers we have had! Thank you.

Jennifer Kendrick

I didn’t realize this about CO2. I always thought I was falling asleep in class because of the reduction in oxygen. Duh–if the oxygen concentration is reduced, then CO2 is increased....Very interesting!

Norrie Robbins

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