AirAdvice Indoor Air Monitor

There are several generations of AirAdvice monitors.   We use the AirAdvice Model 5100 IAQ Monitor because it is lower cost to us.  It is a full-featured device for measuring inside air for dust/particles, chemical pollutants, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, temperature and relative humidity.   The results can be presented in graphic form covering 7 days of results.


Indoor air quality (IAQ) problems range from stuffy air, musty or other odors, allergies, asthma, coughing, drafty air, and cold or hot spots.  One of the little known issues it can help uncover is levels of “stuffiness” that lowers mental functioning – so this tool can detect conditions that slows down student learning in classrooms.



 The monitor collects IAQ data continuously, stores it in 1-minute intervals, and sends that data to the AirAdvice servers via its built-in cellular modem. When not connected, the monitor can store data for up to 14 days.


Simple to use, the monitor plugs into a wall outlet, a fan starts taking in the room air, the electronics sample it, and it is then expelled.   The resulting  data is ready to upload in 30 minutes. It takes a few more minutes for the servers to interpret the data and prepare the report. And it can be deployed with additional monitors to provide a complete picture of IAQ and comfort.

The resulting reports tell you what was measured, why it was measured (why it is a concern), what was found, and, in the event of a health, safety or comfort concern, what product solutions are appropriate.

It is important that once plugged in it is left undisturbed, or the resulting findings are not reliable.


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