Clean Air Carolina – Citizens Detecting Pollution

Mr. Ron Ross demonstrating how the air monitor links to his cell phone.

According to the American Lung Association’s 2015 State of the Air Report, there are 21,587 cases of pediatric asthma in Mecklenburg County, NC (the area around Charlotte). About 14,000 students attending Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have asthma. The Clean Air Zone Monitoring Project will raise awareness about the critical need to protect the still-developing lungs of children from invisible fine particle pollution, and provide a tool for collecting real-time data regarding student exposure levels.

Clean Air Carolina has started a program called The Clean Air Zones Monitoring Program, which will work with five schools and three neighborhood organizations over a two year period to provide teacher and community training, educational resources, and monitoring technology. The program is designed to protect students  from the dangerous impacts of particle pollution, and also contribute to STEM learning.

This two-year project adds another level of air awareness and action for elementary and middle school students, faculty and parents. It uses cutting-edge citizen science tools, such as hand-held personal air quality monitors and cell phones equipped with a Geographic Information System (GIS), an internet tool that allows people to create a Charlotte Habitat Air Quality Map which will show the variation in particle pollution both within the Corridor and elsewhere in Charlotte.

Interested in learning more?

Contact Executive Director June Blotnick at june@cleanaircarolina(dot)org 704-307-9528 . or Terry Lansdell at Terry@cleanaircarolina(dot)org 980-213-6446.

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If you want to learn more about the monitors being used in this project, go to AirBeam Monitor, located at the “Borrow Tools Here”  tab at the top of this page.

This page created by Dr. Francis Koster, based on materials furnished by Mr. Terry Lansdell of Clean Air Carolina.